Lombardy Raceway karting club

About Us

The lombardy Story

We are a driver development club that caters to both beginner and advanced drivers. We aim to provide opportunities for drivers of all skill level to hone their knowledge of the sport and to participate in racing. Our primary objectives are safety, fun and education.

Membership Info and Pricing

Memberships are valid from January 1st to December 31st.

Standard Membership - $80/year

Individual drivers require a Standard Membership.

Family Membership - $80/year, $40/year per additional family member

Families with more than one driver can take advantage of the family pricing. The primary member (first member) - $80 then $40 per same household member.

Test & Tune Days - $60/day for members, $70/day for non-members

We will offer test and tune days throughout the season with the first test and tune day at the first track open day. No racing is permitted on these days - timed laps only on a class controlled grid.

Practice Days - $60/day for members, $70/day for non-members

The practice day is the day before the race day. No racing is permitted on practice day - timed laps only on a class controlled grid.

Race Days - $100/day for members, $120/day for non-members

Race days are controlled events with individual classes qualifying and racing for position.


Dealers are required to possess a valid Standard Membership and will be allocated a paddock lot.

Dealers who would like to advertise their presence at the track (via signs, dealer trailers/vehicles, etc) may do so by supporting the club through the purchase of a dealer package at $250 per season. This package includes:

  • One Standard Membership
  • The choice of a dealer allocated paddock lot on a first come, first served basis
  • A link on the LR Karting Club website and FB page
  • Permission to hang one banner/put up a sign at the track
  • Permission to hang one poster at the year-end banquet