Lombardy Raceway karting club


Track Facilities and Information

Paddock Lots

Please make sure you request your paddock lot at the time of signing for membership. 

NOTE: Requests for paddock lots are not available until COVID-19 social distancing protocols are completely lifted by the government. 

Teams – There will be a selected area for teams to set up. We require at least 7 days’ notice for booking a team lot. Please make sure you state the size at the time of booking. 

Visiting drivers and teams – Please email or call for lot allocation at least 7 days prior to arriving at the track to avoid parking in a member’s lot and being moved.



Camping is free and a lot will be provided upon booking. Please allow as much notice as possible to book your lot. If you are a member and you are racing and camping, please let us know if your kart transportation is also your accommodation. Only trailers that transport karts will be allowed in the paddock. You can only sleep in the paddock if you’re sleeping in a dual purpose trailer. All other camping accommodation will be allocated a space in the camping lot.”


Visitors and Vehicle Parking

Please view our COVID-19 protocols HERE before visiting.

Visitors are allowed access for free but must report to the race registration area to sign a waiver in order to be granted entry to the facility. Visitor parking is also free in the designated parking lot. 

Driver, Team, and Member vehicles that are not attached to trailers must park in the designated parking lot after unloading in the paddock. This is very important as it provides a clear path for emergency services and keeps our paddock safe for everyone on-foot in the paddock, including children.

Have any questions? Feel free to contact us!