Lombardy Raceway karting club


Karting Academy – Coming Soon!

Our academy is an opportunity for both beginner and seasoned drivers to improve their skills through deliberate practice. Our coaches have a wealth of experience in motorsports and can tailor the academy to meet the attendees’ needs, be they beginner or seasoned drivers. We are fully insured and require sanctioning body waivers to be signed by all attendees.

Club Membership

Club membership is required for all academy attendees. Take advantage of the family membership pricing if you have more than one family member attending academy events!

Beginner Drivers

Beginners will learn the basics of driving with a strong focus on safety and will progress to hands-on practice behind the wheel. Examples of base knowledge include the flag colours and patterns, basic racecraft and sportsmanship disciplines, and simple technical terms. Seasoned and current championship drivers will be your coaches and will emphasize safety, fun, and mentorship in the experience.


To progress to the advanced curriculum, drivers must first graduate from the beginner and basic racecraft academy stages.* Drivers will learn how interpret signals from their go-kart, interpret that information, and then communicate feedback to their mechanics. The focus in the Advanced stage is to find those tenths of a second that drivers need to get to the sharp end of the grid.

*This will not apply to seasoned racers that are just looking to improve their skills. A short interview with one of our coaches will determine how seasoned drivers are to skip the beginners and basic stages.

Looking to get started? Contact us today!